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The Life-Changing Magic of Sizing Up

This post is sponsored by thredUP. Keep reading to get an extra 30% off your first order.

I've  mentioned/whined about weight gain a few times here already, but just so you know I'm not exaggerating: I gained 40 pounds in roughly six months thanks to my medication. It's not that I simply couldn't lose weight, I literally couldn't stop gaining weight. No matter what I ate or how much I exercised, the scale kept creeping up and up. It's finally stopped and I'm working to lose it, but I'm left with a body I do not recognize in the meantime.

And you know, fine. I'd rather deal with some extra weight than the alternative (and hellooooo, I have some SPECTACULAR cleavage right now), but it's still frustrating. It's difficult enough to get dressed in the first place when you're battling depression, now add in the fact that you've outgrown everything in your closet in what feels like overnight. Yeah, you're gonna be REAL GENTLE on yourself about that, aren't ya? 

(A sidenote here: I absolutely 100% do not intend to discourage anyone from going on any medication for fear of this particular side effect. It doesn't happen to everybody and/or can be super temporary for some people. Besides, anti-depressants are so not a big deal.)

But no matter why you've gained weight and no matter how quickly you plan to lose it -- hello pregnancy, postpartum, the holidays, news-cycle stress-eating, etc. -- YOU NEED CLOTHING THAT FITS YOUR BODY. THE BODY YOU ARE LIVING IN NOW. Living in sweatpants and not leaving the house for the next 10 pounds isn't an option. 

Then again, dropping a ton of money to build a brand-new wardrobe from scratch isn't an option either. Which is why I am so, so grateful for thredUP, where you can take a major chunk out of your clothing needs without the subsequent chunk from your bank account.  (In case you've never heard of this wonderful site: thredUP is the largest online consignment and thrift store with up to 90% off your favorite brands.)


Before shopping online, I went through my closet and selected a few pieces I consider to be my go-to essentials and favorite things to wear, but can no longer, you know, actually wear. Then I searched thredUP for similar styles in my current size. (The easiest way to shop if to save your sizes, then search by your favorite brands) Lo and behold, I was able to nab a few exact duplicates, from the same brand and store and everything!


I replaced all my Old Navy and Gap cami/shelf bra tanks for $6 and $7 apiece (rather than $10 or $15), and my favorite black evening blazer from H&M for $17 (I paid $30 in the store, grrr). A new-with-tags Gap denim skirt cost me $9.99 instead of $25, and I found the exact same Splendid ribbed cardigan that I literally wear over everything (especially the aforementioned cami tanks). And for only $23.99!!

(I paid $50 for my old one, and that was ON SALE from over ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS.)


Also from Splendid (one of my favorite brands that I otherwise cannot afford): Two stretchy, comfy minidresses (both under $31) and one black cotton miniskirt ($10) with matching leggings ($18.99). You know, for days when you want to FEEL like you're wearing pajamas but need to LOOK like you've actually put a lot more effort in than that.

And finally, two impulse buys that ended up being my favorite of the entire haul: A Madewell dress ($28.99 thredUP vs. $119 estimated retail) and Kimchi Blue cardigan ($21.99 thredUP vs $74). I wore these on Valentine's Day together and felt SO COMFORTABLE but also GENUINELY PRETTY in them.

IMG_20190215_161637 (1)

This is my new favorite going-out outfit, because weight gain or not, depression/anxiety or not, I am GOING OUT and DOING ALL THE THINGS. 

thredUP is offering the first 100 people an EXTRA 30% off your first order with my code AMALAH30 at thredUP! That’s an extra 30% off their already insanely low prices.

(Applies to U.S. and Canadian customers only and items under $150. See full site for details).

Thanks to thredUP, the largest online consignment and thrift store where you can shop high-quality pieces for up to 90% off estimated retail, for sponsoring this post. (And for letting me go nuts on your site and the Splendid section in particular.) 


Elan Morgan

I've gained some weight, too, and the nicest and kindest thing I did for myself was size up so I could look good in the body I have now.

Steph T.

You look super cute as always! I agree...dress for the body you have. If you are comfortable and happy and wanting to do all the things, then it’s amazing how much of that cloud over you lifts. I will say that I did pack away many of my clothes that didn’t fit me anymore (the classics, not trendy stuff) so when I did lose weight I wouldn’t have to go buy new. I had bariatric surgery in November (I couldn’t lose it on my own and it was affecting my health) and now I’m digging through those totes of clothes to fit my new body. And despite my anxiety and depression...I medicate and want to do all the things because I’m comfortable and feel good! Keep telling your story Amy...we need to normalize mental health!


Yay for now available in Canada!!!


Yeah. I've had consistently bad experiences with Threadup, going back for a couple years, on both the buyer and seller end. They misrepresent their products, their quality has gone way downhill while prices have gone up, returns are a nightmare (ordered a brand new pair of Nikes, they left out the fact that they were actually spiked golf shoes (!!!!), I went to return and they charged me a quarter of the buying price to do so)....I sent in an entire bag of clothes all name brand and they gave me a whopping $1.50 for everything (like 40 pieces). I used to be a huge fan but not anymore.


You look great in your new clothes. Very smart of you to get clothes that fit you so well.


I empathize on the med related weight gain. I gained 30 pounds in six months on a beta blocker. It helped my migraines for about a week, then just made me gain weight. I wish Thread up had been around then since I needed work clothes that fit.

Lorrian Ippoliti

Such an empowering message Amy, thanks for sharing!

I loved the TV show "What Not to Wear," and learned from it how to dress 'the body (I) have' and finally enjoy wearing clothes. I still hate shopping, but your message to look for clothing in brands that work for you - not every brand will - is so true!


+100 points for going out and doing the things and looking great at the same time!


I recently had to do this with clothes AND bras. I am lucky to have found a lot of clothing items at a local thrift store, but the bras? Oof. So expensive! Does ThreadUp sell them?


You are mighty for the going out and doing the things!


Wait . . . did you say Canada?!?!? So happy to hear that. I've been waiting not so patiently. Going shopping now!

Rebecca M.

Those are some fabulous outfits.


That is brilliant. I've scored some thrift-store finds over the years, and am now wondering if those random well-fitting mystery brands might be available on ThreadUP...


Cheers to dressing for the body you have. Feeling good in my clothes, i.e. not tugging at hems or feeling like I'm stuffed into a sausage casing, goes a long way towards my general happiness.

P.S. I wear leggings, and flowy tunics everyday because I want to feel like I'm in pajamas, but still look like I made an effort. :)

Fraulein N

I love ThredUp. I think you put me onto them, actually. It's especially nice that they have a wide range of price points AND sizes. And if something turns out to be a dud in person, at least I haven't paid full price for it.


Your timing is impeccable. I have now, due to losing 80 pounds, no longer fit in clothing from my favorite store (Avenue, sizes 14-30, my size 14 jeans are now 2 sizes too big).

For the past 10 or so years, I knew I could order from them online and be assured things fit right. Now, I have to venture out to find out what fits and build up my wardrobe. (Somehow, I completely forgot the NY&Co fitted dress shirts and pants in my closet that are all TOO BIG!) I knew you'd recommended a company, but not which one.

Cool thing is I can start with one brand I know how they fit (Calvin Klein) and get a few pieces.

You'll get back to the weight you want to be, I promise. For now, focus on a healthy Amy.

Kelley D

I love the last outfit. Especially the solar system necklace. I've been hemming and hawing over spending the money on that for about 6 months now. I think it may be a birthday present this year.

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