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Fearless Fashion

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Ridiculous Unicorn Horn Headband: $9.95

Even More Ridiculous Fake Fair Extensions: $9.49

Needlessly Politically Themed St. Patrick's Day Shirt Because I Am Insufferable: $24.95

Needlessly Cat-Themed St. Patrick's Day Leggings Because My Husband Is Hilarious: $23.95

Doc Martens Because I was Seeing The Pixies (also Weezer but was mostly there for The Pixies): $140 but the blisters are freeeeeeeee

Actually enjoying a concert for the first time in God knows how long vs. of spending the entire time on the edge of a panic attack because there could be a fire or roof collapse or crowd crush so maybe I should obsessively check the exits again and map out an escape route OMG we're all probably going to die and I cannot believe people do this for fun: PRICELESS

(Also priceless: Me, in general, for using a commercial format MasterCard hasn't even used in at least a decade, thus dating myself even more than the Docs and Pixies tickets EVER COULD.) 



Love those leggings!!!!

Lorrian Ippoliti

Ab-so-lute-ly fricking ADORABLE! You ARE priceless, Amy. xoxoxoxoxoxo

Sue W.

You, being here. PRICELESS!


Mwahahaha. I could NOT figure out how your hair got so long. Hadn’t considered extensions. How fun!

Dori P

I LOVE those cat leggings! Your entire concert LEWK is fantastic. :)


Hahaha! I totally got the Mastercard thing, so I'm old, too! So glad you had fun, and you look hella cute!


You are so incredibly adorable <3


I'm so happy you're doing so much better!! You go girl!! In fact, I'm jealous, cuz I am not.


I’m disappointed on your behalf that the Doc Martens gave you blisters. Every once in a while, I think about getting a pair but I am old and need good shoes that won’t kill my feet (past me died a little bit typing that).


Yessssss sounds like an awesome time!!!!!!!!


I am beyond happy you were able to go and enjoy yourself...and ridiculously jealous that you went to see the Pixies! I ❤️ Them! Rock it girl!


You are magical. And I totally got the reference. And! I'm going to the Weezer/Pixies show when they get to CA next month!! Woohoo!


You lost me at Doc Martens for $140.


You are a treasure! An ancient (same age as me, sigh), priceless, treasure. Love/hate the Docs with ya.


Hotel Monaco? We get lunch at the B&O in the lobby all the time!

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