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It's been awhile, but yeah, this poor, sweet old dude is still here with us.

And unfortunately he isn't doing so hot at the moment.


In more NEUTER UR GOTDAM DAWGS news, Jake's neuter surgery did not go particularly well or easy for him. After a couple cancelled appointments due to snow and other disasters, I finally dropped him off last week, then came home and happily wrote up a sunny adoption listing for him and went through our photos in search of the best/cutest/biggest-softie-eyed ones. This was the last thing! The last hurdle! A simple snip-snip and then he could move out of medical-case fosterdog limbo and into the forever-home adoption pool!

I drove back to the vet that afternoon and he was rushed back into surgery about five minutes after I got there, because there was still a "bleeder" hanging around...down there...somewhere. 

The next day he came home, but without the Cone of Shame, and so he promptly licked his way to a couple busted stitches and an infection and ONCE AGAIN, dog dickblood (or...ballblood? general-genital-area-blood?) became a thing that happened. Happens. Is still happening. 

This morning I got the chance to impart to Ike a super-important life lesson that I'm sure will serve him well in the future: It's not nice to yell at dogs for dripping dickblood on the floor, honey; he can't help it. 


He'll be okay. It's just going to be a much longer, more stressful healing process than if, say, HE GOT NEUTERED AT A YOUNGER AND MORE RESPONSIBLE AGE, RIGHTEOUS HELL, PEOPLE. 

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go ice a dog's empty nutsack. 



This post is amazing


So I read "Jake's" as "Jason's" in that first full paragraph, and boy! Was. I. Confused!


Poor guy! Thank goodnesss for you and your family being there to see him through this. I love that pic of him being snuggled on the couch with his ‘cone of shame’. He is thankful for you and the love you are showing him. Even if he leaving trails of dickblood everywhere he goes. Hang in there. All of you. ❤️


My pittie had to have surgery on his paw, and had to wear “an Elizabethan collar” after. Bish, please. We all know that shiz is a cone of shame!


I was wondering how he was doing. Poor fella. So glad he has you guys. ❤️

Sue W.

He is so lucky to have you. I love the pic of the three boys on the couch spooning!


Aw, poor Jake! You guys are doing a wonderful thing, fostering him. He's very lucky to have you.


PLEASE KEEP US POSTED, PLEASE!!! (thx) (also, 💔)


Oh, poor Jake. Spay and neuter your pets, people.


I'm super happy that Jake is spending this time with your family, poor pupper. I just have to first glance, when I saw NEUTER UR GOTDAMN DAWGS, I thought it said NUTTER and read it with a weird accent in my head, but it totally worked and I knew what you meant.

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