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Would you like to use the bathroom? Check out the guest room, perhaps?


IMG_20190523_121156 (2)

"The basement's not a mess, is it guys?"


(Please tell me someone else has a child with this particularly distinctive play style, better known as the "pull everything out until I have barricaded myself into a six-square-inch square of free floor space within a deep murky swamp of every toy I own.")

And yes, those are the same Thomas tracks and trains from oh, so long ago.  And yes, I've made oh, so many attempts at giving them away over the years. And yet they remain, much like the zombie toddler-sized socks that I keep finding and throwing out, finding and throwing out, over and over again, while also being haunted by much larger poltergeist child who keeps leaving his dirty socks on the dining room table. Because none of my living children will own up to being the dining room dirty sock leaver, oh nooooo Mom, it definitely wasn't meeeeee, those aren't myyyyyy socks, and there is no spoooooooooon

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Anyway, looks like Infrastructure Week is going great! 

But. Wait. 

IMG_20190523_121212 (3)

Is It couldn't be. 
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IMG_20190523_121212 (3)




Wow. That took me back.

Katie H.

LOL! That was a fun trip down memory lane!! Can't wait for the upcoming Deodorant War Post!!

I don't have boys, but my 13 year old daughter absolutely does this in her "Art Room" with EVERY SINGLE paint pot, pencil, marker, canvas, old dress up clothes, old bits and pieces of Polly Pocket dolls, My Little Pony accessories, Shopkins, a stray Barbie shoe... you get the idea. I tell her "we're" going to clean it up, then spend 3 hours tossing, cleaning paint out of the carpet, tidying up all the drawers in the SPECIAL IKEA ART FURNITURE we bought and organizing each genre of art form, only to have her open the door and ritualistically OBLITERATE the place a-la HULK SMASH. Still... can't seem to bring myself to toss it all. I suspect denial on my part that she's not still my PRESHUS WEE BAYBEE. :)





Deodorant War!!!!!!!!

Sue W.

Hopefully your chillens are better at fixing the infrastructure issues than the Orange Cheeto.
Then there is the Six Degrees of Separation issue!


You can check out of Sodor anytime you like, but you can never leave...


Should I even tell you? I put my son's Thomas trains in a Rubbermaid tote and tucked it away in the basement. It is now a big hit with his toddler niece and nephew. Give away most of your toys, but wooden trains and tracks are forever. Let's hope the same can't be said for the Degree.


Deodorant Wars is a sit down and read together event in my house! Love it!


This just made me LOL with glee! Deodorant wars!


Oh my gosh!! Do we have a teenage, pre-teenage and tweenager Deodorant Wars post in our future?? Please say it is so.


When I saw the room, I worried about poor Ezra who spent all that time organizing. Maybe he partook in the fun? And my kids do this all the time. How about putting that toy you touched for five seconds then dropped on the floor back in the basket two inches from your hand?


Lol!! My kids once cleaned their rooms ahead of the carpet cleaners and attested whole-heartedly that the carpets were totally cleared and ready to be shampoo'd, but in reality their rooms looked exactly like your basement! I was actually stunned. And the socks! My God it never ends! We joke with our 12 year old that they'll find his socks on the moon. Ever since he was little it's like the socks just burst off his feet as soon as he walks in the front door.


Yes! A dose of Deodorant Wars is what my life desperately needs.


My daughter had the same kind of play style. She's now 20, and living in an off-campus apartment at her nearby college (a mere 20 minutes away). She still comes home quite often on the weekends, and she still leaves a literal trail of her shit wherever she goes in the house. Purse and jacket on the dining room table, keys on the coffee table in the living room, laptop on the living room couch, backpack in whatever spot is prime Mom-tripping territory. NO amount of nagging or cajoling or yelling in the last, oh, 16 years has made the slightest bit of difference. I feel very, very sorry for her very nice roommate.


wow. I miss those deodorant days !


I have an eight year old who does this to practically every room in the house. When questioned about the chaos she looks at me blankly, points at one tiny thing, and says "Banshee (our cat) was playing with that one". There are even toys in the teeny tiny half bath powder room. You can barely turn around in there! How on earth is that a fun place to play?

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