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Springtime Freshen Up

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It's springtime! Who's ready to do some shopping?

/collective grooooooansssss

Ah, the changing of the seasons, when those of us who live where we get the absolute worst of all four of them (my year is basically two long allergy seasons sandwiched between either unbearable humidity or blizzards) get to inventory our wardrobes to determine what:

1) still fits, 

2) still bears some semblance of current fashion, and

3) didn't get eaten by moths or peed on by cats during its time in storage.

Some years are better than others. This year was...not great, especially on criteria #1.

Thankfully, once again, it's thredUP to the rescue! Where I can get new spring/summer clothing that:

1) still fits, and

2) is actually something I want to wear in the year of our lord 2019, and

3) doesn't cost a small fortune because the only things you can buy on sale right now are like, parkas and turtlenecks. But hurry! Because you have about 10 (literally) hot minutes to buy stuff for summer because the stores around here start trying to sell you Big Chunky Cozy Sweaters in July, even though the very sight of them makes you want to pass out from heatstroke and you were just hoping to find a nice plain black tank top but all that’s left are neon pink ones that say stuff like DRINK ROSE THEN SURF ALL DAY or have like, fried egg designs across the boobs.

(Can you tell how much I enjoy shopping? CAN YOU??)

Meanwhile at thredUP, for $200, I was able to get an entire spring wardrobe refresher, including shoes and jewelry! And I didn't have to leave my house! And there was not a fried-egg boob design in sight! They are the largest online thrift store with up to 90% off!! You just set and save your size, then search by brand or clothing category for literally anything and everything you want or need. (It's there, they have it, TRUST ME.)


Let's break it down, shall we?


  1. A gorgeous maxi dress from Kut From the Kloth (estimated retail $71) for $23.99. It matches my hair and looks long and fancy but feels like I'm wearing a flowy nightgown.
  2. A pair of suede lace-up sandals from Steve Madden (also est retail $71) for $22.99. They go with everything I bought and most of what's already in my closet.


  1. Also from Kut From the Kloth: that sheer floral layering shirt (retail $68) for $30.99 and cropped jeans ($88 est retail) for $58.99. The jeans were the most expensive item I bought but SO WORTH IT. thredUP introduced me to Kut jeans via their Goody Box offering and now I won't wear any other brand. They are magic.


  1. A JewelMint necklace (that sold $30 via the now-defunct members-only site) (grumble) for only ONE DOLLAR AND 99 CENTS.
  2. And another JewelMint necklace for only $3.99. Bonus points for being one that sold out before I could nab it back in the day. Yeah, I still think about stuff like that. Don't fight me. 


  1. It goes perfectly with a pair of basic Old Navy shorts (est retail $25, thredUP $7.99) and a super lightweight Splendid top (est retail $84, thredUP $11.99) that my husband is a very big fan of. 


I wonder why. 

  1. Finally, I really needed some workhorse go-with-everything pieces, which I found in Divided by H&M shorts (est retail $12.99, thredUP $6.99), two Splendid casual skirts (est retail $88, I got 'em for $13.99 and $10.99), and a PERFECT J.Crew v-neck from back in the day when you could actually get a super-soft, flattering tee from J.Crew that wasn't completely see-through and/or bound to disintegrate like tissue paper after one wash! (And for only $12.99 instead of est $33.)


I've worn both of the skirts more times than I can count already, because they go so nicely with my embarrassingly-large collection of pop culture/funny (TO ME) tees and tanks.


For the first time ever, my cats did not make a nosy appearance in my thredUP post, and yet still managed to make their presence/total household domination known. Sneaky!


I actually recommend styling this outfit with a pair of classic Doc Martens. It's what Olenna Tyrell would've wanted. 

So there you have it. THANK YOU to thredUP for continuing to sponsor this blog and for keeping me dressed all cute and comfortable. I'm officially ready for the like, two weeks of spring weather we get around here before zipping directly into our summer heat waves.

Now it's your turn!! The first 100 people to use my code AMALAH 30 will get an EXTRA 30% off their first order! That’s on top of their already low prices, so take advantage!

(Applies to new U.S. and Canadian customers, items under $150).







Super cute stuff! Congrats on getting the box full of goodies at such a great price.


First I was going comment about how I too wonder why we live here in this BLAZING HEAT that is also now apparently rather tornado-y? but then I saw your drink rose all day shirt conundrum and yes that also applies to me and then I saw the lady olenna our patron saint of badassery shirt and basically I just agree with everything you wrote.


I love your graphic tops! I LOLd. Also am going to thredUP right now because yay open to Canadians!


That floral shirt might actually have been mine, you're welcome!!!


The clothes are cute! I think we need an update on all your critters!! Even if they're all fine and good, I miss seeing their faces, especially Beau!!


Everything is ADORABLE!!!

I am actually going to THREAD UP now. Anxiety and depression have added 40 lbs to my short, chunky body in the past 14 months... I need me some clothes.

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