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Some photos from this morning, in honor of the! Last! Day! Of! SCHOOL!!


Ezra's class was instructed to wear something "tropical," hence the choice of shorts. I tried to casually suggest a different shirt and was promptly shut down, because he knows the plaid and pattern mix is "a lot of look" and THAT'S WHY HE LIKES IT.


Last night the kids were all Christmas Eve-levels of excited, with all of them rushing to put themselves to bed early so today would come faster. This resulted in most of them being wide awake and massively distressed at 2 a.m., and Ike somehow slicing his foot open and having zero memory of how he managed it. 


I actually thought we might end up in the ER over it, but luckily it turns out the area right between your toes is just kind of dramatically bleed-y, like toddler mouths and foreheads. He's fine! And I bet his feet have never been cleaner.




(And yes, I posted that last photo on IG/FB already and nobody could figure out Ike's sleeping/leg arrangement. I can offer you no additional help or insights; the kid just falls dead asleep on the spot even when contorted like a bike-riding pretzel, surrounded by a wide assortment of vicious wild animals. And Jake.) 



This post was a bit of a roller coaster! My kids are soooo exhausted, just, like done.

Katie H.

I can't believe they are just NOW getting out of school! My kiddo is on her third week out.


My kids’ last day is next Thursday! They are super excited but I am more ugh about it. 9 weeks without the structure and routine of school. Plus I only have 4 weeks off myself so it’s still the morning rush to get them out the door but now I have to drive them to camp instead of them walking or bussing to school.


So happy all your apparent teenagers are excited for the last day of school;).

Seriously, SO BIG!

Sue W.

Have you seen the commercial of whatever cooking show Ted Allen hosts on The Food Network? The Mighty Zah is on track to be Ted's doppelganger! Happy Summer To you all!

Emilia H

My oldest likes to wear his plaid shirt unbuttoned over a t-shirt, worn with plaid shorts. Fortunately, he only has one pair of the shorts, so it is not a frequent outfit.


This reminds me of the posts where Baby Ike would fall asleep in the middle of the hallway :)

Hooray for last day of school!! :)


I hope Jake finds his forever home soon!!

Awesome post. <3

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