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Of Growth and Change and Razors

This post is sponsored by Dollar Shave Club.

A long time ago, in an office job far, far away, my coworkers and I were talking about shaving. 

(Why were we talking about shaving in the office? No idea. Boundaries, I clearly never knew ye.)

We were in general agreement over the general crappiness/annoyingness of razors specifically marketed FOR HER!! BECAUSE PINK!!! and we'd all adopted our husbands/boyfriends' razor brand/style at some point and found them to be much better. Then someone complained that her favorite shaving cream had recently been discontinued and asked if we had any recommendations.

When it was my turn, I shrugged and said I never bothered with it. I just got my skin wet in the shower and ran the razor over it. Sometimes I didn't even bother to do that! A little water on the blade and then just go at it!

I might as well have scraped all 10 of my fingernails across a chalkboard -- the collective reaction of visceral horror on behalf of my poor skin was that strong.

I was suddenly distinctly aware that I was possibly failing at proper adult lady-ing, especially since at this point I was already using a variety of overpriced "anti-aging" skincare creams and masks and snake oils on my youthful, 20-something face. But to buy a whole separate product for my legs and underarms? THAT'S JUST THE MAN WANTING ALL UR MONEY WAKE UP SHEEPLE.

For anyone reading along at home whose own leg skin curdled in horror at the thought of my old shaving "routine," rest assured that AT SOME POINT, I learned the error of my ways and understood the need to prep your damn skin before dragging a sharp object across it. See? I am capable of real growth and change! 

(But please ignore the blog archives prior to at least 2005/2006, just to be safe. I really needed to take SEVERAL SEATS there, for quite awhile.)

Anyway! If my coworkers and I were to have that shaving discussion today***, I would passionately sing the praises of the Dr. Carver skincare line from Dollar Shave Club


I've been a member for oh, about two years now, and my very first order included a sample of the Dr. Carver Shave Butter. It is the best. Like, objectively. I regularly order a full-size bottle every few months. It smells nice but not overly perfume-y, and it's super-moisturizing without being so goopy it clogs or gums up your razor blades. (Huge pet peeve. HUGE.) It just does everything a good shaving cream should do, but better. 

So when Dollar Shave Club asked for a sponsored post, I was very happy to say yes for multiple reasons: 1) It's always great to get a sponsorship from a brand you already know and love, and 2) QUALITY FREE STUFF THAT I DIG. GIMME.

I'd never tried the Dr. Carver's Prep Scrub or Post Shave Dew, mostly because I thought they were...a face thing? Like aftershave or something? I don't know why, because now that I've used both for about two weeks now I've had a similar lightbulb moment to that coworker convo so many years ago. The Prep Scrub (very gently) gets rid of any dirt or dead skin that otherwise will end up in your razor (thus shortening its lifespan), and the Post Shave Dew is a lovely, lightweight moisturizer that soothes and calms things down after shaving. (I've noticed a significant drop in bumps and irritation, particularly in the more...sensitive areas one might take a razor to.) I will definitely make a repeat purchase of both, conveniently through my regular subscription box that shows up whenever I need it, like magic. 

***Which: I totally would NOT discuss shaving with any of my current coworkers today, because I am v. professional with them. Unfortunately for you, this blog hasn't grown up that much yet. Pls listen to me talk about my underarms yes thank you. 

And a HUGE THANK YOU to Dollar Shave Club for sponsoring this post! If you would like to give them a try, click here to join and get one of their Ultimate Starter Sets for just $5. FIVE DOLLARS. (After that, the restock box ships regular-sized products at regular price.) 



Megan H

I have been considering trying this out for at least a year but haven’t pulled the trigger. Today might be the day! Although, I’m cringing that I am one of the people who still just shaves with water at 30 something. We tried out Blue Apron after reading one of your sponsored posts years ago and are still happy subscribers!


43 and still just use water when I shave. Don't see a need for anything else?

Amy in StL

I still use a disposable razor from Walgreens and whatever soap/bodywash I have in the shower. (When I'm being fancy, but usually it's just water) I have so little body hair that it seems like most of the shave stuff just pushes down the hair so the razor glides over it rather than cutting it, and I only need a new razor every 6 months, I can't imagine having leg specific stuff in my shower... I need all that room for all the shampoo because I can't use just one kind.


I like a safety razor. No plastic waste. Very very cheap when you consider the time it will last.


1. yes to the "why pay more for an inferior product in pink?"
2. other commenter with fine hair: I found that adding "product" (in my case, the same cheapo shampoo I used on my hair dolloped and then frothed up on my legs) in the opposite direction to hair growth (so, rub it *up* the legs, not down) made it easier to shave than with just water; the foamy bubbles keep the hair "up" instead of hunkering down against the skin. But your mileage may vary.
3. anyone shaving with just water: try samples, see what you think. I found that adding *something* really cut down on my shave time (and reduced skin irritation, as long as I wasn't allergic to whatever it was I was adding), which for me is worthwhile (I mean, that my "shaving cream" is V05 shampoo or bar soap, depending on the day, and therefore probably costs a buck or two per year helps the math work out. But even so, time and effort are worth something unless you enjoy prolonged shaving, in which case, sure, whatever, go for it.). I don't know if it'd cut down time for anyone else, though.

Because I'm sure everyone wanted to know my thoughts on shaving. (or possibly not. But what else are comments fields for aside from oversharing and trolling?)


I switched to a well reviewed cordless electric razor when I realized I wasn't exactly shaving every few days, so had stubble most days anyway. Easier, faster, no need to be in the shower or lift my leg up onto the sink--which I'm pretty sure I'm too old to do anymore. Amazing how standards fall as years rise...


I actually switched from Dollar Shave Club to Billie a few months ago, and I prefer their razors. But, I'm fair skinned, with very dark, coarse, fast-growing body hair. I never tried the DSC creams and stuff, so I can't weigh in on those, but I absolutely LOVE Trader Joe's shave cream. It's inexpensive, has a nice mild scent, and it works really, really well, without gunking up your razor.

Dori P

My husband uses the DSC razors and face products already and I perhaps "borrow" them for myself. They do work great. I can't shave without a shaving cream or lotion of some sort or I get terrible razor burn/rash. Everyone's skin is different. I'll have to check out this deal! :)


Very long time reader, first time commenter. Delighted that you have a post sponsored by something that I want so that I can support it! Order placed!


I ... don't shave. My legs or underarms. I am 45 and just stopped at age 42. My husband doesn't mind and ... it's just so easy. But I do have A LOT of hair, so I get self-conscious in shorts/swimsuits. But I take comfort in the fact that no one is looking at me anyway ...

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