Hacking the Back-to-School Hand-Me-Down (plus GIVEAWAY)
Let's Get This (Obligatory Back-to-School Blog) Bread

Renaissance Family

This is our last week of summer vacation, and I am sick with a head cold that I suspect I caught at the Renaissance Festival this past weekend. (Though given the lengths some people go for 100% time-period accuracy I should be grateful that it's just a cold and not the plague or smallpox.) 

MVIMG_20190825_142652 (1)
(This is also accurate. He has a new costume for next weekend that's some sort of muscle-bound executioner. He's looking forward to sentencing people to death for littering and/or cutting in the privy line.)

IMG_20190825_124909 (1)
(Ezra also has a wonderful new costume that didn't arrive in time for opening weekend so he had to go with Alexander Hamilton and was NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT. And although he received multiple compliments on his "fine nobleman's jacket," he told anyone who would listen about the Great Costume Injustice. "I wanted to be a scribe but Dad didn't order my costume in time and so they made me wear this instead." [NOBODY MADE HIM WEAR ANYTHING!!] He was later distracted by Many Foods On Sticks and then a side quest for find the Perfect Author's Satchel. Which: ??? I dunno but it cost me $28.)

IMG_20190825_123241 (1)
(Yeah. I know. Those weren't there when I bought this costume a couple years ago. My 40s are turning out to be very wench-y.)

(Not pictured, Noah, who grudgingly attended but refused to dress up and walked around being as teenager-y as possible, except when confronted with a maze or stage show or exhibit of dragon bones or anything that was like, OKAY FINE IT'S FUN ALRIGHT??)

(Also not pictured, Jason, who dressed up as a dashing viking but did not upload any of the selfies I totally saw him take throughout the day into our shared album. He did, however, share no less than TWELVE separate photos of various loaves of bread he's baked over the last couple weeks.)


(Work's been really crazy for him so he's stress-baking. Meanwhile, I'm carbo-loading in preparation of absolutely nothing at all.)


In the latest round of the Summer Cereal Wars, Ike now sets his alarm very early to beat Noah downstairs. He will then blearily and spitefully eat a single bowl of cereal before he crawls back upstairs to bed and disappears for another couple hours. 


Okay, how about some dog photos?


Yep, that'll do for now. I need to go sneeze a few times.

(You still have one more day to enter to win the $200 shopping spree from thredUP! Get up on dat.)



Ooo would love to have this to wear over leggings...


Mary Pat Bernsen

Hi! Thank you for introducing me to ThredUp! I just purchased some fall dresses for my daughter and some track pants/cool shirts for my son. I really love this dress for Christmas and would love to get it for my Rachel:



This please! https://www.thredup.com/product/x-diane-von-furstenberg-blue-cocktail-dress/59868775?sizing_id=551%2C813%2C806%2C547%2C799%2C816%2C822


I think wenchy is a pretty great way to spend one’s forties! Also, have Jason send me one of those loaves of bread. I have some fancy butter that needs a home. 😁


It is about to get chilly here in Oregon, so I need this! https://www.thredup.com/product/women-h-and-m-pink-jacket/59877639?sizing_id=832%2C841%2C825%2C842%2C576%2C833%2C822%2C579


Your living room photos bring to mind a random question which may lead to some ranting but that's never a bad thing: I have only two boys, one dog, and one cat and I cannot keep my house fresh smelling to my satisfaction even with brooms, a vacuum, Febreze, a Swiffer, cans of air freshener in both bathrooms, and scented candles placed variously around the house! Any tips, o' mother of even more boys, and dogs, and cats?! Other than getting a bread-baking husband which I totally don't have?


Foster fail?


"My 40s are turning out to be very wench-y." Great motto!


Can I comment here for the ThredUP fun? The other entry has closed comments, but this sounds great!
This skirt looks like it has pockets:

Honestly, why is that not a search term for skirts and dresses? WHERE ARE MY POCKETS!?


Me, too? Ordered this a couple of days ago.


Stress eating for those of us in Florida who cannot consume any of the gorgeous loaves of bread? (I mostly don't miss it, but those are beautiful and look like they'd be perfect with some butter slathered over a slice)

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