And the Emmy Goes To
Look What You (IKE) Made Me Do


Noah Laughing from amalah on Vimeo.

The sweet little baby who once laughed maniacally at a baby doll falling to its doom is now 14 years old

Here's his Official Birthday Portrait:



His penchant for horror movie villains aside, I couldn't be prouder of this smart, kind, gentle-hearted kid. Who loves animals and art and coming home to see freshly-baked cookies in the cookie jar. (We're both obsessed with the Reddit Murder Cookies, which are, in fact, totally killer and I've baked at least a batch a week since discovering them.) He's as tall as I am but still could use a hug after a long day and who doesn't yet completely find us to be the absolute worst. In fact, he seems to actually like us an awful lot, except when we're making him practice his saxophone.

He's auditioning for Honors, Gifted & Talented AND All-State bands this year. He's not happy about it, but understands that -- sighhhh -- such is the burden of musical talent. He'd rather spend hours drafting his own ship design blueprints and building 3D versions on his computer (and then purposely sinking them, because TITANIC but also physics and reverse engineering). 

He's still got one of the all-time top 10 laughs though. But it's even better now because we get to laugh at the same things, together. 

Bubbles from amalah on Vimeo.

Happy Birthday, Buddy. Thanks for still letting your mom brag about you on the Internet. 



Happy birthday kiddo! Great job, mom and dad.

Joanna Moore

Happy birthday Noah!


That giggle solves so many problems. Happy Birthday Noah!


Happy Birthday! And I'm the Mom of a Horror-Movie Obsessed Child who I just bought this bathbomb:

(Just in case you need Christmas ideas.)


I love how the more often you make the doll fall the harder he laughs. So it's not just simple surprise, it's an understanding of what's going on.

Happy birthday Noah! Here's to your growth. You've got some fans out here.

Dori P

Happy Birthday, Noah! And thanks for sharing the baby laughs, they greatly improved my day. :)


Why is he auditioning for All State, if he doesn't want to do it? Noah doesn't seem the type to feel like he has to do anything. Oh, it occurs to me that maybe he wants to do band, doesn't want to audition? My distraction aside, happy birthday, Noah. Like the rest of the interwebs I can't believe you have grown up so much!


The recipe doesn’t have a temp or bake time. And do you really use Crisco??


I feel like I’ve loved him for 14 years. Happy Birthday, sweet boy.

Sue W

Happy 14, Noah!
We lost our 29 year old Nephew on Saturday, so thank you for the happy tears of watching you laugh at dolls falling and bubbles!

Kari Perry

HOW?! Jeez I remember when he went to Kindergarten!!!!


OMG this means I've been reading your blog for 14 years!!!

Happy Birthday, Noah!!! You bring your family, friends, and all the internet people loads of joy.

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