This One Goes to Eleven

I was scrolling through the hundreds of thousands of photos I've taken over the years, looking for any that screamed EZRA! in an especially Ezra-y way. 

I found this video from May 2015. Ezra was six. Noah was nine and Ike was just a couple weeks away from turning four. I'm not sure why I recorded it. It's just the kids running around before dinner one random night. 

But it reminded me I need to record more videos of them just running around before dinner on more random nights. Ezra is being SO EZRA! Ike is being SO IKE! And even Noah manages to be OMG SO TOTALLY NOAH! in a three-second cameo. Their personalities are all there; the way they interact with each other is all there. Like then, exactly like now, the same as it ever was. 

Ezra is 11 now. He still checks Ike's hands at the dinner table. He still indulges Noah in whatever Noah feels like doing. He still starts 90% of his sentences with, "You know, Mom..." He still eats cherry tomatoes fresh off the vine. (Now we just grow three times as many for him.)

Yesterday I brought home a small wooden lantern craft kit for him -- he's been re-watching Making It! and is all about crafting and woodworking and interior design right now -- and after spending several hours decorating and assembling it he realized the attached LED light fixture was faulty and wouldn't turn on. 

"Did Target rip us off?" he asked. 

I said I probably should've known better than to fall for an $5 impulse-buy craft kit, but we could replace the light with an LED candle or something else pretty easily. 

Ike came over to admire Ezra's handiwork and asked to see the lantern turned on.

"It doesn't work yet," Ezra explained. "But it's okay. I still had a lot of fun making it."

He put his hand on Ike's shoulder and looked him in the eye. 

"And that's what really matters, you know."


Happy Birthday, Ezra. I'd tell you to never change but I'm pretty sure you've already got that covered. 



Happy birthday, Ezra!! 11 years old and already cooler than most people I know!

I just found out I am having a boy and it threw me for a loop... I really thought I was having a girl. But then I thought of you and your amazing boys and I felt a lot better at the prospect of a boy. :)

Sue W.

Happy Eleven, Mighty Zah! I hope you rock 11 like nobody's business!


Gah. Damn allergies...


Oh goodness. I do so love your boys - in a totally non-creepy internet way. Happy birthday, sweet Ezra!


Happy Birthday Ezra!

Marianne Ring

Happy belated birthday, Ezra!! What a cool kid you are!

Two of my kids are the same age as Ezra and Ike, but they have January birthdays. I've loved watching your kids grow. You know mom, well done.

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