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The Greatest Gift(s)

Happy New Year! So much has happened since I last posted, most of it documented in photos I don't feel like editing yet. Here are a few I managed to resize down to something that won't blow the creaky wheels off this ol' antique of a website. 

First up, the second-greatest gift I received, courtesy of Jason: A Wall Of Julia Child for my kitchen.


We were at a restaurant recently that had this delightful photo framed on the wall and I declared that I needed it in my life. He found it, printed and framed it, along with two other photos of Julia posing maniacally with mallets and knives. And then, to complete the set, he added a classic still of Dan Ackroyd as Julia. I giggle like a goddamn idiot every time I look at them. And I look at them A LOT.

But the number one greatest gift I received was courtesy of Ezra, who made me the following book in honor of my birthday. (Which also happened, as much as I'd like to deny that I am creeping ever deeper into my 40s. But my eyesight and knees and graying roots and widening feet and everything suddenly giving me heartburn are all happy to remind me on a near-daily basis.)



He's always so formal with the FULL NAMES.



"She thanks me when I do something KIND!"


"She kindly askes if I want something and makes it so good (and I thank her)."

This one is like 99% about scrambled eggs, for the record.

"She lets me by books anytime (but not all the time) because reading is good for you."

This is also true. Anytime, but not all the time. It's something I learned from my dad.


"She Compliments me on how orgainized I am and how neat I am."

Incredibly true, because I am NOT either of those things and want him to teach me his ways. I mean:


"When I have a good idea, she said it is very great and that we should do it."

He makes a lot of very good art out of Amazon boxes. And scavenger hunts


"She helps Ike with his flashcard since he has dislexia."

Also helpful: The GIANT HUGE BAG of Beanie Babies recently donated by blog reader Barbara, who I met in the parking lot of Medieval Times. Ike's plushie incentive supply is fully stocked for the year so thank you again!!


"She cares for all 3 of us and does the best for all of us."

I will refer back to this page many, many times, because most days my own maternal self-scoring is more like:

Attempt star


"She trys to do all that is best for me and let me be myself."

Okay, I admit it. I was full-on crying by the time I got to "let me be myself," because all I want in the world is for Ezra to be as Ezra as Ezra can be. And THAT'S SO EZRA. 


"That is all the reasons I love my Mom and I will love her forever. The End."


Heather Laura Clarke

What a beautiful book!!! *crying*

Brenda Gilbreath

Holy crap! Did he come up with that by himself? Those are some amazingly mature revelations! Those last few pages.... oh, my heart! Good job, Ezra and good job, Mom!!!


That was amazing!! Love his heart & the sweet gift he created for you!


Crying at work. Beautiful kiddo, beautiful mom. xo

ccr in MA

Wow, Ike, amazing! I love the Julias-and-Dan, too.

My mother has one of my school papers framed on her wall: writing to a prompt, I said that I loved my mother because "she is my mother and she is the only mother I will ever have and she tries so hard." Not quite at Ike's level, was I?

Olivia King

This is amazing. So sweet.


Crying this is beautiful!




No I just went back and re-read the "My American Boy" post and now I am dead!!! What a precious sweetheart he is.

Ann Foley

Of course he thanks you for helping Ike ! And THAT'S SO EZRA


Give this sweet child WHATEVER HE WANTS


I still have a poster that says : “I know my mom loves me because she takes me to Target”. You win, Amy Stoch, you win! Hug that kid from me.




The book is just beautiful. What a wonderful gift.

Also, in connection with your other gift, I have to tell you that I got to meet Julia Child as part of a very small group (maybe 4 of us?) when I was in college. I remember literally sitting at her feet as she told us stories. She was warm and funny and wonderful. I adore her.

Sue W.

Dammit, Amy! The onion cutting in here has got to stop. And could ya run a dustcloth around too! Awfully dusty in this Old Blob!
Mighty Zah already had my heart, now he is slowly nibbling away the rest of me. I hope he never changes.

Amy A

My mom kept a drawing I did of her with a sub-text of ‘I love my mom. She is kind and she is petty’. I was six and fairly certain I meant ‘pretty’. My mom thought it was hilarious and kept it on the fridge for a long time.

Something tells me Ezra’s awesome book will find its own place of honor, be it on your fridge or, I dunno, framed in gold and hung on the wall? Stay gold, Ezra!




This is beautiful. I am verklempt.

If your version of "an attempt" is to have a kid that age who fully understands that he is valued for EXACTLY WHO HE IS, you've won parenting. It doesn't matter what else you do or what "mistakes" you might make, because that is the most important thing and it is shining through this entire card. I had parents like that and I am grateful every day for what a strong, solid base for life it was.


My heart is so full the tear are running down my cheeks.

Carol-Anne Powell

I love this! Especially the part about letting him be himself.

.....but if I didn't know you and only looked at the drawings, I would have assumed you were an African American family, based on the skin colour Ezra gave you all. Obviously there's nothing wrong with this, I just find it kind of curious.

Am I the only one who noticed this? (Maybe because I'm a white woman married to a black man so I notice this stuff more?)

Connie Bowers

Why did you have to go and punch me in the heart like that?! I was not ready for this! There are tears! and squeaky noises coming from my mouth!
Seriously, this kid has always amazed me, but this Way to go Ezra. And way to go Amy for being an amazing mom. Thank you for continuing to share on this "dinosaur", it makes my day every time!

Randy Bachand

My small heart just grew three sizes!

Raizel Shaneh

This has to be the most incredible thing I've read online. Maybe ever. I'm blown away...




Beautiful! Such a kind hearted kid. Good going, Mom.


This is one of the sweetest things I've ever seen! You know what really jumped out at me? You are SMILING in his drawings! It must be such a great feeling knowing that in both written and illustrative form, he has so much love for his family.


Crying now.


this is amazing!! Ezra is the sweetest....our world needs many many more of his kind.

and I think he just summed up all that we aspire to in parenting .....with reason # 8
She trys to do all that is best for me and let me be myself.


Wow! That is amazing. What a precious treasure he is. (One of my son's teacher called him that one time. It stuck with me so I gave always wanted to pass it along :).)


Best birthday present ever!


I'm pregnant with my first son and this post is giving me ALL the FEELS.


You couldn't ask for a better gift than that! Incredible!

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