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Behold, the shortest #TIREWATCH in the history of #TIREWATCHING. 


These appeared outside yesterday, and I was initially dismayed because I' was under the impression that the replacement tires were getting shipped directly to the mechanic, thus eliminating any possibility of them overstaying their welcome in my foyer. 

But Jason came home and promptly loaded them up, and then drove them over to the shop where they are getting installed today. The End!


(That's it. That's the post.)

The two blown-to-hell tires are NOT candidates for keeping around as emergency spares, and will NOT be coming home in the back of the minivan, where they would otherwise likely be forgotten about for a month or so before getting rolled into an inconvenient corner of the garage and/or the hallway right outside my bedroom, like a new and updated version of the Pennywise cutout prank. Truly, a bit of a missed opportunity for us.

In summary and summation, I am looking forward to getting my car back, but DAMN, being normal responsible adults really kills the #content around here. 




Not at all related to your tire situation but I was playing a word search kind of game on my phone a few days ago and was having major issues because it wouldn’t accept a word I typed and I would have bet my life it was a real word. The word, you ask - bluen! It took me a while to realize where I knew the word from but then I had a damn good laugh and moved on. Thought you would find this amusing. At least I think you will. Again I’d now bet my life it was one of your boys who named a stuffed animal that but I might be wrong again. Lol.


I think Bluen is Ezra's bear? Or his other stuffed friend.

Katie H.

I just looked back to find the original #TIREWATCH post and realized it was 2006... TWO THOUSAND SIXXXXXX. Man, I've been reading your blog longer than most relationships I've had! :) I remember I started reading when I was on bed rest before I had my daughter and you had Noah right before I had her. Cray cray!!!


I feel very strongly that Jason ordered the tires to be delivered to your house instead of directly to the mechanic just to #tirewatch you.

Sue W

Well damn. Now what am I gonna do this weekend? I was looking forward to Insta updates!
Glad you are getting your vehicle back though.


Bluen! Ezra's beloved stuffed bear/daughter who he bought party dresses and American Girl lunchboxes for! I wrote about her as "Bloon" before Ezra learned to spell and schooled me on "No she's just Blue with an N."

(He still has her. Her party dresses still sometimes show up in the laundry.)


I love tire watch! I started following you wayyyyy back when I was on bed rest with boy baby number 3 in 2011. It was like - you me, same, same. I binge read your blog while trying not to go crazy about not being able to take care of boy #1 and boy #2 because of baby #3 and flip pin’ bed rest.
BTW - there is a spare tire in our garage for a car we no longer own. according to my husband.
Bluen rules!!!!

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