The Dog Ate Our Stress-Baking

Day 19ish & Counting

I keep trying to think of things to write "about" and coming up empty. Not like that's ever stopped me before, but at least I always had cute baby photos to fall back on. Right now the most recent photo on my phone is of a four-pack box of toothpaste that arrived yesterday, which amused me because it appeared to have been shipped directly from Colgate World Headquarters in special Colgate-branded packaging. 

Why this amused me enough to photograph, again, coming up empty on that. Jason ordered it by mistake anyway, because we already had plenty of toothpaste. Then I just felt guilty about making multiple humans work to pack, ship and deliver unnecessary, non-essential toothpaste. 

We are all really getting on each other's nerves around here. Which again, I feel guilty saying that because we at least have enough space to get the fuck away from each other when we need to! We can go outside! I have a goddamn hot tub to retreat to! But then it rains a few days and nights in a row and I'm so sick of television and the Internet I could scream and all aboard the Hot Self-Pity Express, destination Fort Asshole. 

But still. There's been a LOT of foot stomping and door slamming around here lately, if I'm being honest. (At least not by me. At least not yet.)

Even the pets seem extra restless, or at least confused because there are all these extra people here ALL THE TIME and they STILL can't find someone to play with every blessed second of the day. 

Oh, and our Nintendo Switch broke yesterday and is stuck on a permanent blue screen so now I can't play Mario Kart, or dangle Zelda/Smash Bros/Splatoon time out as incentives for my children to do literally anything. Read a book. Take out the trash. Get out of your pajamas. Stop eating cereal for the love of god it's 2 p.m.

The lack of a solid routine is driving everyone bonkers, but any attempt to establish or enforce a routine sends small tempers and rigidity levels flaring and requires a level of nagging and micromanagement that I can't keep up with. Our school district is finally making some progress (or at least making some promises) about getting distance learning underway. Soon! Eventually. Hopefully next week. 

I'm worried about my mom (who is taking self-isolating seriously), and my in-laws (who are not). I'm worried about all my family members in New York City, including this person. I unblocked their number ages ago, but they've never called. 

The sun is shining today though, so a good day for dog walks and bike rides and bubbles and sidewalk chalk. Maybe even in pajamas, because honestly. Who's gonna judge? 



I feel you on the need for a routine but then the all out war trying to stick to the routine leads to. Its exhausting and while juggling meetings and demands from work, I simply don't have the bandwidth


Nora McInerny posted on Instagram that we would be better off only aiming for C-level anything. I really liked that. I am one of those teachers/professors suddenly trying to deliver content and help my students learn with zero experience of online teaching ever. So while I wish I were somehow creating engaging activities, perfect for synchronous or asynchronous learning, I just cannot pretend that I have that ability, time or even desire. I am aiming for merely C level work, with the same expectation from my students (who, bless'em, seem to be doing all right, at least judging by my Zoom class attendance). All aboard the Hot Self-Pity Express, destination Fort Asshole, indeed. See you there.


So with you on just not having what it takes to enforce a routine. I only have one kid who is 14, but I still cannot do it. The child does better with a routine, but it needs to be set by outside forces, not by me. Just trying to take it one day at a time.


FWIW, I have set specific parameters for my kids (ages 11 and 13) on how much time they are required to spend each day on school, exercise, and "creativity" before they can binge unabashedly on YouTube, Switch, etc. But then leave the precise arrangement of their schedules entirely up to them (subject to any updates from teachers). My 11 y/o daughter literally pulls out her school agenda thing every morning and sets up her schedule for the day down to the dang MINUTE. My ADHD 13 y/o son just............limps along. But puts in the required time before assembling his Fortnite squad.

We have also decided that dammit, we're gonna be LAZY AS HELL all weekend every weekend. Ain't nothing open, can't go anywhere, and thanks to telework and no school we no longer need to accomplish all household chores / errands on Saturday and Sunday. So we stay in PJs all day, binge watch movies (Disney+ is the AMERICAN HERO we don't deserve), and feel EXACTLY ZERO GUILT about it. But I find it also helps us look forward to Mondays and getting back to more productive tasks.


I cannot tell you how grateful I am that our school went to full online learning IMMEDIATELY after closing. Even for Band. My son has to watch a video each day of a musician playing the same instrument as his and then once a week he plays a song from his instruction book, records it and uploads it for the teacher. Color me impressed.


IF you and Jason both post and follow a schedule MIGHT it help at all? Know it is really tough and insisting on a breakfast/lunch/dinner dressed in day clothes time might work for you two and maybe Ike and Ezra...... which might help pull Noah along. Preteen/teens are super extra tough to get on schedule but ..... maybe.
Yes this is hard.
Might your local Y be offering fun classes or exercise programs on-line?
But no routine is really really really bad psychologically and emotionally. I know you know this.
Sending best wishes as one who is isolated and resisting temptations to sloth entirely because I must hold the line for myself, my grandchildren and their families.


I'm so glad I'm not the only one whose relationships with loved ones are quickly hubby and I have argued about a LOT of things, a LOT of times. Most of it is truly important stuff (like me getting angry that he's expected to continue to go to work with 25+ crew members at his golf course job.... DAMN YOU, golf courses), but some of it is ridiculous and petty. And of course I love my daughter, but she is 2 and everything is MINE! and I hear "Micky...mickey.....mickey..." all day long (she wants to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on repeat). Throw in that I am 5 months pregnant, terrified, and I just got furloughed from my corporate retail job and I will be without income as of Monday- and well, I'm kind of losing my shit completely. I try to keep the perspective that we are (for now) all still healthy- but to be honest, I feel like my world has been flipped upside down and I'm suddenly living in the Twilight Zone! And I'm suffering horribly from cabin fever. God forbid a pregnant lady try to get out of the house and go to the store! Hell, I have a doctors appt (that my husband is now not allowed to attend with me.. and it's my anatomy scan) tomorrow and it's going to feel like an exotic vacation!

Katie m

I’m suffering from intense guilt. My kids are...extra. As in special needs among other things. But I still have to work. So they are staying with family. It’s breaking me. Every single day. I know they are loved, have 7 acres to roam with four dogs and four adults living with them who love to cook and play with them. But I miss them.


Comments are closed on your last post where you mentioned the lack of Great British Baking Show, so I wanted to mention that you can watch the Best British Home Cook on Hulu and Mary Berry is one of the judges! Not quite as magical as GBBS, but it helps fill the void during this endless stretch of time.

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