In Which I Lose My Shit Over Oatmeal

Friday Good Things

Ike, Ezra and I made faux stained glass with glitter  glue (procured from Amazon, probably price-gouged), food coloring (procured from a friend, as a barter for sourdough starter), and glass from some old photo frames. 

They came out great! Everybody had fun! And it took up some time!



Noah did not create An Art, but he did swing by to talk to us about our lord and savior the USS Enterprise.


Ike and his best friend had a Zoom call for their dogs. 


I made a fruit salad. Everybody was really excited about the fruit salad, and insisted we document the fruit salad. 

We also had a couple nights of nice-enough weather for the fire pit, the tire swing, and a star-gazing app.


And outside bedtime stories. 


(Jason's reading of Dog Man wasn't quite as entertaining as Dav Pilkey's, but this week the boys learned that their Absolute Favorite Author has both ADHD and dyslexia. Ike ran around the house shouting "BEHOLD MY SUPERPOWAH!" for about 20 minutes straight afterwards.)

We did it! We survived another week. I hope y'all did too. 



I LOVE Dav Pilkey! Have any of your boys tried the Percy Jackson books by Rick Riordan? He's another great author whose characters deal with dyslexia and some ADHD, only to find out they truly are super powers (and a sign they're demigods).


Also Henry Winkler (aka The Fonz) is dyslexic and wrote a children’s series about Hank Zipzer, who has dyslexia. My dyslexic daughter loves them.


Pilkey and Riordan have a big fan in my 12 year-old with ADHD!


YOU know what?! Every great author, artist, creative spirit of *any* kind has some kind of challenge 'diagnosis' BUT it did NOT stop them! IT actually inspired them! Isn't that something to realize? Glad your boys get to discover this FIRST hand by the hand of their most beloved first teachers, their parents!

YAY! YOU GUYS rule! I love it! Yes, I am a teacher and a mom to great kids who benefited from the very things my hubby & I did! :) Keep on keeping on, my peeps! :) You totally will rule our FUTURE!

Smile, it is EASTER...HOPPY EASTER! Carla Goodrich

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