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Last night, welllll after bedtime, I heard Noah talking. To himself, maybe, but I suspected that he'd sneaked a phone into his room for YouTube AGAIN, or swapped our Echo devices around AGAIN to get around the 11 p.m. shut-off time we set up because his brothers kept complaining that he'd sing along to music all night and keep them awake. Teenagers! Go the fuck to sleep!

Instead, I stumbled upon a late-night, Star Trek-themed campout under Ezra's desk, complete with blankets and pillows and spaceships.


Noah has a lot to say about Star Trek lately. Ezra is there for every word of it. 

I told them to try to get some sleep at some point. And to let me know next time. I'll make you some popcorn. 


Laura B.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3


Love this! My boys seem to be bonding as much as fighting, and it's pretty cool to witness.


That's quality parenting right there! Good job mom!


Beautiful ...


That is so sweet! My girls just run around farting on each other and screaming to PRETEND IM A BYOOTEEPHUL MEEEEEERMAID I like your kids' idea better lol


This makes me happy.

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