Friday Good Things, Carbs Carbs Carbs Carbity Carbs Edition

Friday Good Things, Baby Steps Edition

I left the house! For the first non-essential time!


Jason and I ordered curbside pick-up in Old EC and ate it a socially-distanced picnic table by the river. Then we put on our masks and took a walk around the downtown, while occasionally sipping from our YETIs that were totally full of iced coffee and not premixed to-go margaritas, oh no, definitely not. 

I take that first part back, actually. It felt pretty goddamn essential. Weird and different and a touch depressing in a way (it's so...empty and somber out there), but still. I really needed that. 


In this week's edition of I Believe Children Are Our Future, here are some homeschooling highlights:


This is what P.E. looks like during a pandemic, FYI.

And here's a field trip to an art museum. 


This is a very serious STEM experiment. 


And this, apparently,  is "take my picture while I break my creation so I can post a funny picture and caption to the class discussion board," so I guess they're teaching them how to Instagram now? 


More close encounters with baby wildlife!

We haven't found any dead bodies so we're just assuming everyone is fine and okay!!!!!!


Obligatory Food Project of the Week: Mason jar ice cream. Easy and delicious, but nobody wanted to share with me! Ingrates, the lot of you!


We've promised to take them for Outside Ice Cream, Like From A Place That Isn't Our Freezer this weekend. I made masks for everybody and they don't understand what the fuss is about: You look like a superhero! Or a bank robber! Either way you look cool, people! Chill out!


And finally, here's our Obscene Vegetable of the Week:




Looks like that sweet potato is just waiting for a visit from the carrot you posted last week.

Also, am I the only person who sees "Baby Steps" and immediately thinks about scenes from "What About Bob"?


Mason jar ice cream, obscene veggies, kids takes on masks. Amy, you are a treasure! 😊


I must know what kind of birb babes those are? Some kind of robin?


I love the tag for this post! And also glad the great state of Maryland is getting back to baby steps!

Lori in CT

I’m so glad you were able to enjoy a teeny bit of semi-normalcy! Really enjoyed watching the Gordon Ramsey show in EC, did you get to see the windows that Nate Berkus decorated? Heartbreaking destruction, truly hoping the city will thrive again in the new normal.


See, turn the yam pic sideways, and I see lips of another, uh, flavor. Like talking ones. There is off-set eyes above! Slap some lipstick on that puppy! Thanks for always sharing with us.


*are (it's too early)


Someone made a nasty comment to me at the zoo last weekend to me for having my kids wear masks. My kids were bewildered - we love our masks, they're super cool, we're ninjas, what's the big deal anyway!


I feel i should add, we are in an area in Canada where testing it fantastic (we are now testing anyone who wants one to get a handle on asymptomatic cases), cases are now low and everything at the zoo was outdoors - but still, when we were there it felt like more people than i was ready for!

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