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Friday Good Things, Baby Steps Edition

Friday Good Things, Carbs Carbs Carbs Carbity Carbs Edition

Life These Days, summed up in a single photograph:


Actually, that's not quite right. The lack of giant visible dust bunnies around the baseboard means this photo doesn't fully capture our current *~*~quarantine aesthetic~*~*

(All I do is sweep! And vacuum! And then sweep and swiffer some more! Why is everyone in my household suddenly shedding hair and dirt and dust, including, apparently, the human beings? I'm tempted to dangle everyone out a window and shake them out like rugs.) 

I asked Jason if he took any interesting photos this week, since I...really didn't, since nobody is particularly cute/well-groomed/camera-ready in general these days. Surprise, everything he sent me involved food. 

My Post

Going a little overboard on the comfort foods there, aren't we? Top row is mushroom ravioli in pistachio cream sauce (and bread), pizza, and Oreo macarons. Middle row are two shots of the pork/sausage/meatball Sunday Gravy I made on a Wednesday (and bread), followed by the Thursday Meatball Grinders we made from the leftovers (and bread). Third row is linguini with ramp pesto (and bread), more pizza, corn cakes, and finally a mushroom and asparagus ancient grains risotto that we technically made ourselves, but we got the recipe and all the pre-prepped ingredients from a restaurant as part of an at-home cookalong thing they do every weekend.

(bread bread bread spam and bread spam bread bread bread and spam spam and bread)

The kids ate some of these things with us. They also ate a lot of not-pictured boxed mac and cheese. You know what? They're alive. Lay off me.

Oh, and one last food photo from Jason, although we did not actually eat this...yet.


We are so very fancy and refined and also 12 years old. 



I'm so glad I clicked to see the Obscene Carrot.


So. Many. Fucking. Dishes.


Thanks to your enthusiastic embrace of the 'rude looking root vegetable' genre, I hereby pronounce you both honorary Brits.


Oh goodness I needed this post today. Thank you!

Emily G

I needed that carrot today. 🥕😉


My mom said that trying to clean while you’re home 24/7 is like brushing your teeth while you eat Oreos. I agree.


Bonus Gluten or Sucrose Intolerance FREE QUIZ ad right under all the carb pictures! Big Brother reads your blog as well.

Michelle B

Behold the dick-tater I received from a meal delivery service:
My kids were big mad wouldn't tell them what was so funny as I heated up dinner.

jodie marie

Oh, please tell me more about the corn cakes!


Wow. You guys are gourmet. I sometimes manage to throw my Home Chef meal together, but more often I heat up some hot dogs or scoop up some peanut butter with celery stalks and call it a night.

The macarons are especially gorgeous!

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