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Friday Good Things: FIGHT THE POWER Edition

Hey, so on the bright side, thanks to homeschooling, "Friday" actually means something again! The concept of time is BACK, baby! Two whole days off from pretending my children are actually learning anything via a patchwork jungle of videos and apps and more videos! (And also from pretending that I can find Japan on an unlabeled map or do ANYTHING fraction related without cheating with my phone.)

I sense that Ezra feels similarly.


His teacher responded that yes, yes, it is indeed all-caps ANNOYING but alas, the only way through it is through, 15-20 ANNOYING minutes a day, until...


Yeah, there's still not really an end for that sentence.

Ike is currently completing his Health class assignment, which is an animated video about washing your hands featuring a robot. That seems unsafe! Especially considering that Ike accidentally microwaved a metal spoon just this morning! And two nights ago I had to remind Jason to unplug the toaster before using a fork to dig out a stuck piece of sourdough! And an alarming portion of the country has decided that masks and a lack of dine-in brunch options are violent assaults on MAH FREEDOMES! 


Sorry. This is supposed to be the stress-free portion of our blog programming. I'm fine. I'm really fine, everything is fine, except for that fucking Lexia Core 5 and her fucking bitch-ass lectures. 


Jason and Ezra have both had at least one at-home DIY haircut. Noah and Ike both have almost infuriatingly good hair that manages to look thicker/wavier/shinier/more on-purpose male-model tussled the longer we neglect it. 

(I've trimmed my split ends and there's a big bag of henna powder under my bathroom sink but I've still let my color fade and my quarantine roots grow free so far, for no real reason. I feel like they pull focus from my feet, which are truly horrific-looking at this point.)


Lizard toes aside, let me end (another) week by stating the obvious: I'm really grateful that of all the people on earth, I get to be stuck at home with this particularly wonderful four. 

UPDATE: Ike has finished his Health assignment, including answering the question "Why is proper handwashing so important?" 





Ha, ha, I'm totally sending the link to this to my former reading department chair who tried unsuccessfully to get me on board with making all of my students do Lexia at home. To be fair, this was back in the Before Times when I got to actually teach them reading at school and just tell them to read for twenty minutes at home instead.


My daughter's stuck on Lexia's Core 5 too!!! I had thought at one point she was almost done and told her that. You should have SEEN the look she gave me when it turned out she was only part-way done with it! Good luck to Ezra!


Thank you for sharing your wonderful family with us.

Matte Blk

Not one soul will perish
who puts their trust in Me.
the Man,
the God,
the Steve-Martin-originator.

Carla Goodrich

Really!! When you plural a word that ends with a consonant...'just add s' hahaha! I thought it was a great 'b-move'...yes, I am a teacher! LOL example from your post: FREEDOMES! laughing :)

I know! We now have weekends again! YAY! Keep writing and sharing, I love your posts!

Currently, baking apple crisp...old fashioned style LOL and there are one million tanagers in my yard! Now researching bird migration...

Also, making Crunch Wrap Supremes Monday! Thanks for the recipe & even thought! Keep smiling and finding the irreverent in the 'reverent'! :)

:) Carla Goodrih


Thank you.
Simply thank you.


Oh God Lexia!!! My 9 year old makes a face like she is going to through her computer out the window whenever she gets something wrong and starts getting lectured by that woman who "talks too slow" and is "dumb."

We have 19 more school days before the end of the year. I am going to though the biggest, at-home, 5-person end of year party when we are done. I can't effing wait.

Deanna Piercy

As a former homeschool mom (yes, on purpose) I'm doing a lot of chuckling these days. It's certainly different to homeschool under these circumstances, though, and I know there will be a collective sigh of relief when schools are back in session. Hopefully there will be a whole new level of respect for teachers, as well. And all "becuse of the COVID". :)

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