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Friday Good Things, Obligatory Edition

Obligatory Food Related:


For Cinco de Mayo, Jason made us queso and homemade Crunch Wrap Supremes. I've never actually eaten the real deal -- no shade to Taco Bell; I'm just more of a late night drive-thru chicken nugget variety drunk person -- but I feel safe declaring his version superior. And dangerous, because I could eat this drunk OR sober. And like, for breakfast. 

The margaritas were passion fruit margaritas, made by me, from a kit we ordered from our favorite local wine shop.

Last weekend our new neighbors held an impromptu happy hour on their driveway and made everybody a round using the same kit. And lo, they were delicious, and a fine trade for the loaf of sourdough, half-batch of blueberry muffins, AND chocolate chip cookies I left on their front porch in the dead of the night before running home while screeching NO BACKSIES! NO BACKSIES!


Does anybody else go through this cycle where you feel pretty good and okay a few days and then suddenly there's a day where your mental health just kinda NOPES out on you? And you're just inexplicably exhausted and cranky and on edge and can't figure out if you need a good cry or a good pillow-scream or start thinking how satisfying it would feel to just...break some shit to hear it crash?

That was Thursday for me, this time. So Jason made steaks and put on a Facebook Live with the Indigo Girls, one of my go-to sources for happy tears/joyful top-of-your-lungs singing since freshman year of college. 

(I transferred and moved back home after one terrible semester because my dad's cancer returned; my roommate's Rites of Passage CD somehow mysteriously made the move with me.) 


Anyway. It helped. It helped a lot. 

Obligatory Pet Related: 

Obviously a lap full of cats is always a Good Thing, but this particular instance was made even better because only I had the full overhead view of the logistics:


He's a very patient brother for his poor simple babby sister.

(Oh, and while the kids continue to call them Rey and Finn, I have unofficially renamed them Inky and The Brain.)

Obligatory Kid Related

Speaking of good brothers, I got this text from Ezra yesterday, reporting live from our front yard.

That also helped a lot. 



I read something about a month ago that said that exact thing! Normal to have a few days where you feel fine and this is manageable and then Bam! A day where you are off. Completely off and feel all the feels and are tired and snarky and the weight of all this is too heavy. And it has been completely true for me and my husband. But it helps to know that and go “oh. Today is the off day. I’ll work with that and move on tomorrow”


I'm soooo with you on the rollercoaster. I've got this, until I don't. Hugs (socially distant of course).

Judi Cutrone

Love all of this. And I love that the steak + Indigo Girls looks so much like Ron Swanson's birthday steak & Bridge on the River Kwai set-up from Parks & Rec. Jason is your Leslie Knope.


I have those days, too ... I'm glad your Jason takes such good care of you!

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And I love that the steak + Indigo Girls looks so much like Ron Swanson's birthday steak & Bridge on the River Kwai set-up from Parks & Rec.


That mental health rollercoaster is SO familiar! And now it’s time to go listen to some Indigo Girls!!!

Jessica V

Definitely feeling the mental rollercoaster over here. Some days I’m good and then BLAMMO, it’s a nap all day kind of day (not really because 2 kids, but you know). I find that the weekends are my best days because there is no school to fight about, but by midweek I’m done.

Julie Hyzy

I wish we were neighbors! I live on the other side of DC, so it's not impossible... Your blog is the one I look forward to the most. Thanks for posting...

Molly Chase

That Indigo Girls livestream... I had no idea how bad I needed that until I was ugly-crying through “Go.”


Omg, Indigo Girls' Rite of Passage is on my top five albums of all time, and I know every word, ooh, and ahh of it! It's my comfort food of music. Ghost is quite possibly my favorite song ever. Love that you love it too! I completely relate on the mental roller coaster. Just hanging on for the ride! That's all we can do. Those crunch wraps look amazing and the margaritas sound divine! (Being 6 months pregnant during this pandemic is rough)


I totally have the mental health roller coaster. And unfailingly on the bad days I think, well, this is it, the time I fully fall down the rabbit hole, never to return. So far, I've managed to keep getting back up again.


I think we're all on the same me talk health rollercoaster. My bad day this week was Thursday as well; I'm pretty sure the trigger was school being officially closed for the rest of the year. I've been 99% sure that was coming since the day they closed schools (which I had predicted to the day more than a week out) but now that it's a done deal all my anxiety about next year came roaring forward.

Melissa D.

Been having the same kind of issues and it's really been hard to keep up with my job. I'm glad to know it's not just me since it feels like everyone I talk to at work is just chugging along. Can you pass along the recipe that Jason used for the cruchwrap supremes?? I would love to make some spicy chicken ones. And finally do you recommend the passion fruit margarita kit from the Wine Bin? My girlfriends got me a gift card from them for my birthday and I was just going to use it on wine, but those kits look amazing. Thanks and thanks for making me feel normal!



My analogy is that it's like we're all still making dinner only now there's a giant rocket launcher in the middle of the kitchen. Kicker: it's unpredictable in schedule AND invisible.


Love the indigo girls and whoever commented about about Jason being your Leslie Knope. I mean NAILED IT.
And YES to suddenly just kicked in the shins by this life, while other days are fine. not great, but fine. Until they aren't... Keep on keeping on momma!


Yes, totally feeling the same. I'll be be feeling pretty good, getting in my daily exercise, then BAM - sleep for 10 hours and then lay around the rest of the day. The same goes for eating relatively normally and limiting my snacking followed by a day where I inhale everything in sight and it's mostly junk. Just trying to take it easy on myself and we'll sort this all out later.

Those steaks look fucking amazing, by the way. Also, when I was zooming in on your steaks to drool over them I saw you CAH Bigger Blacker Box on the shelf. I'm sure you already know about this, but just in case, there's a secret card hidden inside the lining of the box lid. If you run your fingers over it you can feel it and then cut it out.

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