Friday Good Things, Trapped By My Own Naming Convention Edition
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Friday Good Things: Pretend There's a Real Title Here


Why, hello there! If anybody is, indeed, still there.


I am very tired.

This week "school" officially "ended," officially making me the mother of a high schooler, middle schooler, and an elementary schooler. 

I did the math on when this split would happen a few years ago, and immediately decided that the Worst Part would the three hours of staggered school starting times and bus departures every morning. How silly of me! There will be no school starting times because school will likely still be here! At home! It won't so much "start" as "NEVER FUCKING END." 

We are trying to continue with our children's educational experience this summer, with each week getting its own summer-camp-like theme and activity list. This week's theme was I Haven't Seen My Kids In 8 Hours I Hope They're Okay. (Featured Activity: Self Sufficiency & the Art of Making Your Own Sandwich.) Next week is Advanced Streaming Channels, with lessons in self0service remote-control battery changing and how to flip and rotate the couch cushions to prevent perma-butt-grooves. Very STEM, obviously.

And after that? It's Infrastructure Week!!!

On the job front, I was a technical writer for all of a week and a half, tops, before getting moved full-time into more of a SharePoint analyst role. The transition decision basically happened like this:

"Wait, you know SharePoint?"

"Yes, I know SharePoint."


It's nice to feel needed!

(It's also nice to be properly medicated so I can actually sit down and DO SharePoint without 700 other-tab distractions and a spaced-out, overwhelming bafflement because where do I start? what do I do first? wait, did I already do this? WHERE AM I EVEN RIGHT NOW? So there's your update on that whole thing: Game. CHANGED.) 

(Although I kind of forgot about the ADHD medications when I went for my employment drug screen? So I kind of failed it at first because amphetamines? So I had to take a whole photo shoot with the pill bottles labels and refill dates to prove that no, this is PRESCRIPTION SPEED.)

Anyway, things are all good here. As good as things can be, right now, I suppose. Sometimes I want things to be normal again so much I could cry; most of the time the whole idea of "normal" feels like some long ago, once-upon-a-time illusion that never really existed in the first place. 

And sometimes, like right now, when all four of my pets are trying to claim a spot in the same floor sunbeam, things are just all good here, again. 



Hello little Poppy. I have those curtains in my cat does the same thing. Hope you are enjoying your new job. Money is nice, isn't it?


Wait, you know SharePoint?

Could you give me a brief list of the couple of resources most helpful to you in learning it/staying current? My homeless services nonprofit has not met our Amalah unicorn yet, and I am my own tech support. I suck in this function.


And infrastructure week can last for years!!


High school? Middle school? Aaaasgh - how is that possible?


I get the wanting it to be normal but was it ever real thing. And now I’m used to this so don’t want it to change again. Gah. Pregnancy makes that even more confusing too. Finding your 0-40 column super helpful though.

Sue W.

And if you don't already have teh Disney+, you DO know that Hamilton will be on there starting July 3, right? I do not subscribe because, no kids, but I will be paying for it for a month so I can watch Hamilton every day for that month! That could count as History AND Music AND Dance. I say that's a win-win!
And hello sweet Poppy hiding where no one can see you under the curtains!

Rebecca M.

Good to see you posting again! I've been a bit concerned, since it's been a while. I figured it was just an average Pandemic Quarantine Boredom Nothing To Write About situation, but.... y'know. Glad the Everything is (Relatively) Okay Alarm is in full effect.


@Amy what version of SharePoint are you on? Actually NM email me I can definitely help!


I just wanted to say that I missed you and I am glad you posted. Thank you :-) And don’t worry about summer holidays and everything else being messed up, it’s OK and OK is enough :-)


Strong same on feeling like was there ever anything else

Work stuffz sound good! I apparently am so ???? Out of it that I just submitted a job app (at 1am but it will send at a reasonable hour THANKS BOOMERANG) and rather than my usual intense anxiety about it I was just like... whatever, man.

And: my ADHD test got delayed cos ~everything~ but I'm thrilled to... someday... be medicated and productive in a more streamlined way

Fraulein N

High ... school?


I'm in agreed amazement about high school ... and so glad you are needed and useful and medicated (LEGALLY) enough to feel happy in your job. You deserve so much good!


Wow thats a crazy coincidence, we are on the same camp schedule around here. Plus in depth studies of Minecraft and Roblox which count as ....coding, maybe?

Please let school restart in August.

Jill Barringer

Pretty much anything can be STEM! I'm slightly concerned about my propensity to turn everything into a 'teaching point' so, hell yeah, life skillz figure highly. And now they can 'do' the dishwasher, change bed linen and make themselves ramen noodles. They are 11 and 13 and I haven't seen them in days. Hurrah!

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