Friday Good Things, Grasping At Straws Edition
Friday Good Things: Pretend There's a Real Title Here

Friday Good Things, Trapped By My Own Naming Convention Edition

Hello! It's been a minute. Or a week. Or eleventy million utterly exhausting news cycles. Or all three!

My new job! Is great! As are all my new coworkers, at least as far as I tell by their smiling avatars and cheerful voices on our conference calls. Despite thinking this was going to be a huge transition back into the world of commutes and professional office attire, I am still working from home for the foreseeable future. So that whole "actual pants and having to wear them" thing has not yet come up. 

(I wasn't sure of the video call situation before my first day, so I finally colored my hair last weekend and woke up early on Monday to put on makeup and find some sort of respectable-looking top. But our meetings are mercifully webcam-free so day to day I can continue to look a Vitamin D-deficient hobbit.)

(I had to leave the house one time this week for an employment drug screen, and was almost out the door when I realized wearing a Steel Magnolias/Ouiser Bordreaux tank top that asks, in all capital letters, ARE YOU HIGH CLAIREE? miiiiight not be the best wardrobe choice for the day. So I'll need to work on dressing myself respectably once/if things ever go back to some semblance of normal.)

(Somewhat related, both in terms of clothing and really outdated movie references, but has anyone else tried to put on cute shoes for the first time lately and felt like Agador Spartacus from The Birdcage?)



As we've been watching a lot of movies, we've also been going through a lot of popcorn. I asked Jason to add a bag to our grocery order, but they were sold out. No worries, though, Jason found it on Amazon! He ordered two bags, he told me. 

No. Not two bags. Two pounds


He ordered two pounds of popcorn.  Do you know how much popcorn that is?

It's a LOT of popcorn. 

(Yes, we will be donating a LOT of popcorn.)


These photos are actually from last Friday night. But still relevant, as ever. 

Stay safe and strong this weekend. Keep fighting. 



Yeah, I'm gonna need a link and/or photo of that tank top. kthanxbai.


Not related to anything, but I have to tell you, when I opened your blog today the top ad on the sidebar was for stretches to do to help with an enlarged prostrate. And there was a drawing of a man doing said stretches. I laughed so damn hard. It wasn't that funny, really, but I guess I needed the laugh. So thank you!

Hope L. Rutten

Picture of the tank top is needed.


That's not 2 pounds of popcorn, it is 12 2-lb bags of popcorn. 24 pounds! Or 48 if there was a second box, I suppose. I only bought eight pounds of popcorn on Amazon, so I think this now make my order a completely reasonable and normal one, so thank you!
(My family would totally be able to go through that much popcorn. What can I say, it's a whole grain, that makes it a good dinner choice.)


Was literally saying to my kids that I need to up my tank top game for my sister's online Pilates classes. Gonna need a link to the Ouiser Boudreaux tank top kthxbye.


12 2lb bags is A LOT. However, it doesn't really go bad. I usually go to GFS and get a 5 lb bag which lasts months - though not that many months :) Glad to hear the job sitch is good!


12 2 pound bags of popcorn!!! Yikes.

(I used to go through 1-2 pounds per year making caramel popcorn at Christmas, and that felt like ALL THE POPCORN EVER. And that is less than a *tenth* of what you have. Yikes.)

(bags of grain make good improv weights for exercise, though! If you drop them, they don't dent the floor/break your toe.)


Can you freeze popcorn? Kidding, I think.

Erica Hettwer

Found a link for the tank!
Also, homemade caramel corn is a great holiday neighbor gift if that popcorn will last until December!


Thank you so much for that GIF, made my day!


All my husband could find in the grocery store was 'butterfly-shaped' popcorn - the other questionable choice was 'mushroom-shaped. So apparently that's a thing now.


What even are shoes?


The tank top? Must see!

I'm working full-time from home, and haven't brushed my hair since - maybe April. I admire you.

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