In Which Wii Bowling Ruins My Life

Or, What Happens When You Let Your Wii Bowling Pro Status Go To Your Head Or, Not To Be Overly DRAMATIC, Or Anything Scene, Bowling Alley, Saturday Night Amy: Ew. Bowling shoes? Hasn't technology rendered community shoes obsolete yet? Jason: Wait, did you forget to wear socks? Amy: *pause* Amy: Yes. Jason. EW. Amy: Also, none of these balls have sparkly stars on them. Jason: And? Amy: So how will anybody know how awesome I am? That I am their better? They should put my face on a blimp, at least. Game One Amy: *bowls* Ball: *gutters* Amy: *bowls* Ball: *gutters* Amy: *makes lighthearted jokes at her expense, trying to mask how DEEPLY and GENUINELY rattled she is, OH MY GOD, she cannot LOSE AT THINGS, gaaaaaaah* Ball: *gutters* FINAL SCORE: 34 Game Two Two couples arrive, including one guy who is already slurring his words at the top of his lungs, and are assigned to the lane next to us. The one we share tables and a score machine with. I am immediately thrown even further of my game by the presence of other actual human beings who are not part of my Mii gallery and shockingly, do not... Read more →