> The Gallery of Disturbing Baby Clothes


Oh, baby clothes.

We ooh and ahh over them at baby showers. We hang them up on tiny little hangers or spend hours folding and refolding them, even the damn undershirts, because they are much, much cuter than your husband's undershirts. We spend way too much money on them, since your baby outgrew them in about five minutes, and four of those minutes were spent in the washing machine because you know, poop. Vomit. Pee. Etc.

But...have you ever actually LOOKED at some of these clothes? Like yes, there are a lot of ducks and flowers and bears wearing hats but no pants. And we've all got the vaguely distasteful "Daddy's Lil' Quarterback" and "Mommy's Pretty Pretty Precious Angelpants" stuff.

I'm talking about the DISTURBING clothes. The Clothing With An Agenda. The Just Plain Not Right. The stuff that suddenly creeps you out as you blearily pull it out of the dryer at 2 a.m. because you need SOMETHING clean to put on the baby and wait...why does this bunny rabbit have a Hitler mustache?

This Gallery is dedicated to Those Clothes.

Although I probably just imagined the Hitler Bunny. I was pretty tired.