> The Company Cookbook


I work for a financial publishing company. Which means that sometimes, I get some random swag from companies, brokers or mutual funds. Usually pens or those little squeezy stress ball things. That stuff sucks.

But one time, a company sent me their employee cookbook. It sucks, but in a completely awesome way.

Basically, this company has a lot of potluck events. The cookbook's intro tells a charming story of favorite dishes and taste-offs and like, five whole requests for a company cookbook.

So everyone made their favorite recipe which was then professionally and earnestly photographed using lots of ugly table linens and fake flowers. Employees were encouraged to tell the story of the recipe ("I done found this recipe on the back of the cereal box") and give a suggested wine pairing ("Boone's").

I also think everyone was required to use at least one package of shredded cheddar cheese. Just a guess though.