> Love, 1962 American High School Style

Presenting When You Marry, a 1962 textbook class? Sex ed? Home economics? Relationships & Traditional Gender Roles 101? Some unholy (but Jesus-based-religions-approved!) combination of all of the above?

As far as I can tell, this book was intended for a high school course in "Family Life Education," a White-House-encouraged initiative to strengthen future American families against the corrupting forces of communism, feminism, interracial dating and heavy petting. We're going beyond the flour-sack baby, here, people, we're going to bring down the national divorce rate through our ability to make high school students squirm in their seats. It's outdated! It's offensive! It's adorable! It's all this, and more. Much, much more.

(It's also really long, so updates to this album will be posted probably weekly. Ish. Eh.)

Specially Formulated For Today's Modern Teen-Ager
Zoinks! And Golly Gee!
Check Yourself (Before You Wreck Yourself)
Intrigue, OMG!
Dating: Beyond the Davenport!
Walk the Line
Check Yourself (For Fleas & Ticks)
Check Yourself (Before You Marry a Pyschopath)
A Baptist and a Jew walk into a Temple...
The Honeymoon is Now Over